28 December, 2011

Squirreling about - Chiang Mai

Finally a day off work!  My boyfriend and I lost no time in high-tailing it from Chiang Mai on a mini road-trip.  We'd received a tip to check out a village called Baan Mae Kampong in the mountains beyond San Kampaeng and after a wrong turn which led us meandering through paddy fields we finally found our way there.

Baan Mae Kampong is a quaint little village.  The forest around here is lush and green and there are coffee and tea plantations which seem to thrive in the cool mountain air.  It does feel a little as if time has stopped here - all the houses are made of wood.  After making our way up and up and up we stopped at a charming little guesthouse with a verandah cafe.  The view here was absolutely spectacular and the locally grown coffee delicious!

Getting there - Baan Mae Kampong lies about an hour and a half's drive from Chiang Mai.  Follow the highway beyond San Kamphaeng towards Mae Oon, then simply follow the signs for the tourist attraction 'Flight of the Gibbon'.  Perhaps next time I'll have to try that as well!

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