22 September, 2013

Squirreling about - far far away

Corsica is an island located between France and Italy. I really did not have any expectations going there but I really fell in love with the place. The nature here is very dramatic, mountains with small villages clinging on to the sides, short and dense vegetation and then the beautiful blue sea.

We were only staying at one place for the whole week, the small costal town of Ile Rousse. I’ve heard that travelling around the island by car is very beautiful and that is something I would really like to do in the future. The little town of Ile Rousse is however very picturesque and offers small restaurants, a lovely market and a very nice sand beach.

This week was all about eating and relaxing! I highly recommend freshly roasted coffee from Le Bon Café at Place Delanney. We also really enjoyed the local chestnut beer Pietra. Every morning there was also a small market where you can get fruit, meat and wonderful local cheeses. I especially enjoyed the goat cheese! Don’t forget to have ice cream, which really is essential for any summer trip. There was a huge selection of ice cream places in the little town but my absolute favourite one must be Le Café des Platanes, which also was a ideal place for people watching. And don't forget to bring home some locally grown olive oil. It is just fantastic! 

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