05 January, 2014


A lovely tree a one of the best places to get snowed in at. 

You can not get enough carnations, right?!

I just love this old door.

A nice Christmas gift. Warm and cosy!

Lovely personalized gingerbread cookies. 

Here are some random Christmas photos to sum up the year. I really love Christmas but now I ready for 2014. I'm hoping for many exiting adventures :)

04 January, 2014


As I was browsing in a local market the other day I came across this fantastic plant growing in a pot by the side of the road.  At first glance I thought that a butterfly had landed on it - or rather, a whole swarm of butterflies ready to take off in flight!  Anybody know what its called?  I want one in my garden! 

03 January, 2014

Squirreling about - far far away

Beyond Omkoi lies a little slice of paradise where I like to retreat to when city life feels too hectic - this year it was the perfect place for celebrating Christmas and my son's first Birthday.  While Chiang Mai has been unusually cold this winter, here in the mountains we had 6 degrees Celcius and clear skies. 
A belated Happy New Year to you all from the Squirrel team!

09 December, 2013


Eating "lussebullar" and preparing for Christmas with new ornaments that I bought on my trip to Warsaw.  I really love this time of the year!

27 November, 2013


Some flowers to brighten up the day!

20 November, 2013

Squirreling about - far far away

While the other Squirrel been celebrating Loy Kratong this little Squirrel has been traveling to this lovely city! I will tell you more and publish some pics later from wonderful Warsaw in Poland.

17 November, 2013



Happy Loy Kratong from the Chiang Mai squirrel!