27 July, 2012

Squirreling about - far far away

Staying and Eating

This time visiting Berlin we stayed at a brand new bio hotel in Friedrichshain called Almodovar Hotel. The room was just perfect and the staff really sweet and helpful. I can definitely recommend it.

When in Berlin don't miss the lovely breakfast options! You can usually order a big plate of all sorts of nice things and lovely bread!

If you visit the Kreuzberg area don't miss out  on the lovely restaurant Markthalle on Pücklerstraße, with lovely German food and a genuine décor.

If you like Asian food I would highly recommend Transit  which has restaurants both in Mitte and Friedrichshain.

There are plenty of very nice places to get ice cream in Berlin and almost all are very good! If you fancy yoghurt ice cream try out Yoli and get all carried away with their gorgeous selection of toppings! They have shops on three different locations in Berlin so one is likely to be near you! Have a look at their web site for details and lovely photos!

I really like Russian food and in Friedrichshain you can find the lovely Datscha.
Here you can eat and drink in Russian style!

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