11 April, 2012

Squirreling About - far far away

After to much work me and my boyfriend really needed to get out of the city for some real relaxation. We took the boat to Åland, which is autonomous part of Finland. The clusters of islands are located in the sea between Sweden and Finland. I really love Åland, I used to go there quite often as a child. Åland for me is all about nature and lovely food and especially fish!

We had a fantastic lunch at an organic bistro called "Pilsnermackan" which specializes in locally grown food. I had delicious deep fried white fish with potatoes, mayonnaise and pickled onions and my boyfriend had ha equally delicious sandwich with smoked shrimps.

We also walked past this lovely movie theatre, such a beautiful house and a classic sign! Over all this was a perfect weekend with long nice walks and good food!

I can highly recommend visiting Åland if you have the chance!  

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