01 April, 2012

Squirreling about - far far away

Here are some more photos from Luang Prabang!  These are taken at Wat Xieng Thong, which is one of the most important temples in Laos.  It was built in 1560 and it is believed to be the site where the founders of Luang Prabang placed a boundary stone for the new settlement.  The temple was remodeled and redecorated in the 1960s and was added to UNESCO's World Heritage Sites in 1995. 

When I visited Luang Prabang the first time, over ten years ago, the Tree of Life mosaic made a strong impression on me.  It is one of the most beautiful mosaic murals I have ever seen!  Unfortunately that side of the temple was under renovation during this visit, so there was bamboo scaffolding in front and I wasn't able to get a very good shot with my camera. 

On the temple grounds there are also two small chapels, both decorated with coloured glass mosaic on a reddish pink background.  These depict scenes from village and pastoral life and its easy to lose yourself in them trying to figure out a story!

There are other beautiful temples in the area as well, so if you ever find yourself in Luang Prabang, I highly recommend hiring a bicycle and doing a little exploring!

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  1. those places are gorgeous!!! Hope you're having a nice weekend!