05 December, 2011

Squirreling about - Chiang Mai

I blame plummeting blood sugar levels and feeling a little under the weather for getting lost in the old city today.  Lucky for me though, because I found Free Bird Cafe and stopped for lunch.

Free Bird Cafe is an eclectic little place with seating in a tiny but lush green garden.  There is also a shop attached which sells clothing.  All proceeds from the cafe and the shop go to support Thai Freedom House, which is a community learning center for refugees from Burma.  The menu is all vegetarian Thai, Shan and International cuisine.  There is also a large selection of fruit shakes and smoothies.  I ordered a delicious khao soi, which is a local northern Thai noodle dish, and, in a desperate attempt to stave off a cold - an Immune Booster shake made from pineapple, orange, apple and ginger.  Lets hope that does the trick!       

Of course, it turns out I wasn't lost after all, which I quickly figured out once I'd finished my lunch and nosed my bike out onto the road.  Free Bird Cafe lies on Moon Muang Road, soi 7, not far from Thapae Gate.  Simply follow Moon Muang Road which runs on the inner side of the moat and turn left into soi 7.   

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