24 October, 2011

Squirreling about - Stockholm

Today I went to a really nice café/bakery called Petit France.  And as the name suggest it is a French bakery.  They have so much lovely things to choose from, it is almost impossible. I wanted to try it all! 

I had an apricot pastry (I don’t know the proper name of it, if anyone knows please tell me!) and my sister had a lemon Macaron.  It was delicious I tell you! 

Petit France is located in a part of the city called Kungsholmen on John Ericssonsgata 6. If you want to go there take the subway to Rådhuset and then take a short walk towards the water. 

After our French pastry we took a nice stroll along the water at Norr Mälar strand and had a look at the old boats. We had lovely but cold autumn weather!  If you walk towards the city centre you will end up at the city hall, which also is really beautiful. Here it is perfect to just sit in the waterfront garden relaxing and enjoying the views! I can also recommend snapping photos of feet on statues ;)

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